Weather resistant double-sided outdoor poster frame. It can also be used indoors. Available in size 24? x 48?. Fits 5mm coroplast, foam core, or any rigid material. Available in water filled base. Water or sand filled base comes with built-in wheels and also prevents the poster frame from tipping over in the wind. Accepts 2 posters. Not recommended for use in excessive wind conditions. 

Weight: 20lbs (24×36 w/ H base), 36lbs (24×36 w/ tank), 23lbs (24×48 w/ H base), 38lbs (24×48 w/ tank)
Material: Steel
Color: Black

Outdoor Poster + Holder Tank Stand

12814 Product Number

Printed Size: 24x48"
Material: 4mm Coroplast
Colour: 4/4

*Includes COS410B Poster Holder Tank

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